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Filters, Bias, and Collaboration

Design and data are powerful tools for highlighting filters that limit our access to diverse creative networks and inspiration. In this two and a half hour long workshop, learn more about how these biases work, ways to address them, and principles of social design that support diverse collaboration.

Hear case studies and try out tools for monitoring your own biases in hiring practices, survey design, and media consumption. We'll also facilitate a design discussion on fostering collaboration across diversity within your organisation, customer research, and technology systems.

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  1. What are filters and bias?
  2. How do our filters and biases impact collaboration?
  3. What are some case studies of addressing filters and biases?
  4. What tools and techniques can identify our biases?
  5. How can we use design and data to address filters and biases?



J. Nathan Matias, Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab

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