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Killed By Code: Freedom in My Heart and Everywhere

When Karen discovered she had a life threatening heart condition, the last thing she expected was to have to worry about software. Now, with a heart device implanted in her body, she has come to understand not only how vulnerable medical devices are but how as a society we are making critical choices about all of our software. Karen will talk about some of the scary (and entertaining) hacks which show how essential free and open source software is and will discuss her professional and personal view of the issues as a patient and as a cyborg lawyer.


  1. What? Medical devices can be maliciously hacked?
  2. Doesn't the FDA protect us from vulnerable software making it to "market"?
  3. Why is free and open source software more secure than closed proprietary software?
  4. What are the key areas where our software is particularly dangerous?
  5. Is there a better way?



Karen Sandler, Executive Director, GNOME Foundation

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