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Til Death Do Us Part: Life Planning Online

Love, marriage and then comes baby carriage, right? Some women dream of that lifestyle. Some dream of a successful career. Some women dream of having it all! But what happens if a traumatic life event or even death stops your dreams in its tracks? Are you prepared for the “what if”?

Wills, advance directives, retirement planning, oh my! So much that needs to be done and many feel that there isn’t enough time. But, what if you could create a digital life plan in 40 days? Would you do it?

We’ll discuss the challenges and hurdles that keep women from creating a life plan, as well as explore online solutions that can make the process a lot more manageable.

On average women outlive men by five years. So, this discussion will focus on women and planning, but the information is applicable to all. We welcome everyone to join in the conversation.

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  1. What is life planning?
  2. What are the top factors that keep women from creating a plan?
  3. Why is creating a plan so important, especially when considering loved ones, assets and your wishes?
  4. How can a women create her life plan in 40 days?
  5. What digital resources are available to create a life plan?



Carole Ricks, Consultant, Digital Strategy, AARP

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