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Making The Most Of Record Store Day

Record Store Day has taken on a life of its own. It seems everyone wants to get involved in one form or fashion. Having a great release concept is big factor - but what else can be done to capitalize on every music junkie's favorite day of the year? From t-shirts to posters, in-store performances to promoting your release via social networks - explore the many ways in which you can stake your claim on the third Saturday of April.

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  1. What is Record Store Day and why should I participate?
  2. How can I make my title stand out?
  3. What are RSD items that have been successful in the past?
  4. What are some best practices to make sure my RSD pieces are pulled off without a hitch?
  5. Even if I don't have a title out this Record Store Day, is there something I can do to capitalize on the buzz?



Lauren Branson, Publicist, Yep Roc Music Group

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