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Letting Your Fandoms Build Your Kingdoms

Do you know who your SuperFans are? Passionate fanbases have been influential for decades, but the expansion of digital and social media has changed how you connect with those fanbases, and how they connect with each other. How do you talk to an audience while they are talking to one another? This panel explores how and why fandoms develop and how to connect with those SuperFans in genuine and effective ways that maximize their fan experience and your band, label, venue or other music brand.

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  1. What does it mean to be a superfan?
  2. How has the superfan evolved with the shift from Digital to Social?
  3. How do you create and nurture superfans for a new property? What are 3 ways you've seen the Superfan nurture and help a new property thrive?
  4. What are some examples of the the risks and rewards of letting your fans run wild?
  5. How does fan behavior influence your creative decisions?



Rae Votta, Consultant, Consultant

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