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Sitting Will Kill You. Can Mobile Save Us?

We all know the sad truth: the majority of working Americans are chained to their desks – namely, their computer screens – for eight hours per day and the “massive” obesity epidemic persists. Recent research suggests that sitting is killing people and the industry continues to debate the harmful health effects stemming from sedentary lifestyles, with many arguing that technology is only adding fuel to the fire. So if sitting is killing us, then can mobile save us? Forget fads such as standing desks, wearable pedometers and office pilates – the healthiest workplace is one where employees are actively mobile.

Hosted by Sharon Mandler, VP, Senior Digital Strategist of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, this session will bring together a group of leading health experts who will challenge old thinking about healthy workplaces and take a deep dive into the new technologies and devices that are coming to the rescue and mobilizing America’s workforce.

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  1. How has technology in the workplace impacted our health and how has it redefined what the workplace stands for?
  2. Why is sitting killing Americans?
  3. What are the new technologies and devices, beyond wearable pedometers and sit-stand desks, that are promoting increased mobility in the workplace?
  4. What are some creative initiatives in the workplace that could help save Americans from the perils of sitting?
  5. How would increased mobility impact the way people work, productivity and employee satisfaction?



Sarah Hrusovsky , Account Executive , Powell Communications

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