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What does the future of geotagging mean

Recently Apple rolled out push messaging by geography to notify iPhone users of PSA announcements concerning weather and Amber Alerts. As push messaging by marketers and government organizations become more widely adopted, it brings the need to examine the personal privacy and business rights of the airspace that geographically associated messages occupy.

For example, what happens when a competitor retailer pushes a message to a customer in your parking lot? As a retailer, should you own the rights to the airspace surrounding your establishment much like building owners can own air rights to build higher?

Attendees of this session will collaborate to build the first draft of a geotagging manifesto, a sort of code of conduct mimicking the purpose of the internet users, blogger’s, and Cluetrain manifestos. We will explore the geotagging landscape and the rights of marketers, businesses, and customers in effort to balance and protect the rights of all players.

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  1. What does the future of geotagging look like? What are some current use cases of geotagging and how do these cases affect the customer, retailer/establishment, and marketer?
  2. What is the current legal landscape of air space and how did the rights to own airspace of buildings come about?
  3. Why do we need a manifesto? As a marketer, how can I make sure that I can still be creative with marketing and share my messages? Share your opinion and help establish the foundation for an abiding doctrine.
  4. What are the elements successful manifestos (internet users and blogger’s manifesto, the Cluetrain manifesto)? In marketing, the most influential doctrines are crowdsourced and collective. They were a meeting of influential minds and diverse opinions, which fueled their adoption.
  5. Where will the “geotagging manifesto” go from here? How can it make an influence? This session isn’t the end; it takes the community to adopt the point of view to make influence. So, we’ll dive into tools to fan the flame.



Jenessa Carder, Digital Strategist, Senior Associate , SapientNitro

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