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The Internet’s Private Parts: Data Security and Ow

Earlier this summer, we were issued a wake-up call: the stuff we put online was subject to surveillance. Our information may be personal. But it is not our own. The webbed world that we’ve built has led to greater collective security. But it has left our own identities vulnerable to oversight and potential attack; property of a storage farm, up for review. The goal of this panel is to understand and address the challenges posed to data safety and information ownership.

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  1. Where did the debate about the public versus private Internet begin?
  2. Is there such thing as privacy online, anymore? We’re a culture of overshare-ers. Should we even care?
  3. Are privacy and security at odds?
  4. If I want to protect my data, what are my best options?
  5. How will the landscape of digital privacy change over the next few years - for better or worse?



Christian Averill, Director of Communications, BitTorrent, Inc.

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