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Designing for User Generated Chaos

Chaos is inevitable in any badly designed system. With an increasing
number of websites building on real world communities and user
generated contributions, the importance of good layout design and
quality control cannot be overlooked.

The focus of this proposed SXSW Interactive panel is to explore and highlight some of the pitfalls and solutions that are encountered when
developing a website which contains user generated contributions.

The format of the panel will be case studies from various high
profile websites, followed by an interactive element,
exploring some of the audience’s own difficulties and suggestions.

The underlying aim of the session is to help the audience understand
and get to grips with some of the challenges associated with user
generated websites. As a result of attending the session,
participants should be armed with effective tools and techniques to
design a better user experience and information architecture.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. How to solve the “cold-start” empty/blank page problem
  2. How to create effective incentives for users to generate content
  3. How to deal with profanity and bad apples
  4. How to facilitate navigation of user generated content
  5. What are the pros and cons of folksonomies



Nico Perez, Cofounder, Mixcloud

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