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Idea Vomiting: A Creative Brainstorming Session

Do you ever feel frustrated and burnt out trying to come up with new ideas? Do you struggle finding a story to tell? We did, too, but we've discovered some secrets to creativity. We've tested and identified the best ways to practice and build creativity individually and in teams.

We'll go through tools and methods for rapid ideation, reframing problems, and understanding true needs, all while beefing up your creative muscles. Following our simple process, you'll be able to spur brilliant ideas from unlikely sources and find out how to use absurdity to ignite your best solutions yet. If you've ever wanted to start your own company, invent something new, or just refresh your creative process, you'll want to check this out. This workshop will be two and a half hours long.


  1. How can writing on a bunch of post-its lead to start-up companies and patents?
  2. How can the most absurd idea spur the most brilliant?
  3. How do you beef up your creative muscles?
  4. How can shutting down the computer lead to better UI's?
  5. How can you find inspiration in the most unlikely sources?



Courtney Tye, Software Project Designer, IBM

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