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Wading through the Storm: Media for DIY Musicians

Every five minutes a new piece of advice or service emerges for the independent musician or label. In this panel, we gather a handful of people who wade through this storm of information on a weekly basis, trying to make sense of it for their audience of musicians, labels, and other industry professionals. Join these thinkers to reflect on the state of strategies and tools that have emerged over the past year and find out about the process they use for putting together their weekly podcasts. Hear what works for video monetization, DIY publishing, the latest in social media promotion, how to get more gigs, and more. In addition, find out what it takes to put together a broadcast focused on emerging music industry news and tips, how these broadcasters choose topics and guests, and to grow the audience for your podcast or blog.

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  1. What trends in DIY strategies have emerged over the last year?
  2. What is the best way to evaluate new services that emerge for the DIY artist?
  3. What are the top three things an independent musician should do to make a living?
  4. What strategies can you use to build the audience for your podcast or blog?
  5. What methods can you use to vet and prep a potential interviewee on a podcast?



Kevin Breuner, Director of Marketing , CD Baby

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