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Making Money From Music in User-Generated Videos

The means of video production are in everyone's pocket and there is one simple way to make their videos compelling in a snap: add music. Musicians are generating millions of dollars in royalties for use of their soundtracks in social videos, presentations, animated GIF's and even interactive resumes. This is the world of micro-licensing or "MicroSync" and with 100 of hours of video being uploaded every minute to YouTube there are literally billions of pieces of user-generated content just waiting to use a great soundtrack. While musicians and Spotify/Pandora duke it out in the press over royalty rates, YouTube created the largest music streaming service. Video creators are adding music as easily as they would an Instagram filter. Learn about this incredible emerging market, how it works from the inside out from soundtrack discovery and recommendation engines to how musicians use the format creatively.

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  1. How big is the video sync industry and what will its impact be on major and independent labels, publishers, artists and licensing societies?
  2. How does the micro-licensing ecosystem work and what are all of the moving parts?
  3. What are the main streams of revenue musicians, labels, and publishers can get from online video?
  4. How can a musician get paid for having their music synchronized with online video?
  5. What is one simple thing musicians can do to open up this revenue stream?



Paul Anthony, Founder & CEO, Rumblefish

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