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Facial Recognition: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

With the advances in smartphones and imaging technology, cameras are everywhere, but is software keeping pace with the massive increase? One of the most intriguing and promising new technologies is facial and object recognition. What happens when image capture, editing and sharing actually becomes intelligent as devices begin to really understand and extract deep insights from the pixels? Facial recognition technology now powers everything from device activation to photo selection to portrait enhancement. Applying for a job or looking for a date online? Put your best face forward. Trying to find every photo of Fido in your 5,000+ library of images? Easy. But how do you feel about cameras everywhere, tracking your visit to a local park or shopping mall? Join me for a look at the promise and provocation of emerging new uses of facial recognition technology. In this session we will explore how smart imaging is extending and enhancing our human visual expereince.

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  1. What new capabilities will be enabled by facial recognition technology?
  2. What questions should we as a society be asking about the implications of cameras with facial recognition technology potentially everywhere and anywhere?
  3. What is the clearest benefit to society of facial recognition technology?
  4. What will emerge out of the intersection of facial recognition technology and gesture recognition?
  5. How do we weigh the benefits of what facial recognition technology can do vs. its potential risks to privacy?



Todd Peters, President, North America, ArcSoft Inc.

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