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"Startup Life After the Fall"

Everyone who has ever succeeded has failed; designed for the SXSW interactive guests to meetup and share with others of their failures while promoting their success stories. This will also be a platform for others to network and communicate their present day needs, interests, and goals to others allowing them to segue into their current startups and or ventures. Meetup+ Therapy+ Networking+ Promotion+ etc for the interactive guests of SXSW.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. What the Real Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur is.
  2. Why failure is a great thing to love & to fear.
  3. How others overcame their failure.
  4. Where you can turn your failure into Success.
  5. When to get out before you lose everything.



Tarzan Sharif, Founder & Co-Head, The Republic @Viralindustries

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