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Guess What? Brand Journalism Is Really Really Hard

Brands have jumped into the content marketing game with fervor. We've all heard exclamations of “Content drives relationships!” abound at agency new business meetings and trade conferences.
The truth is, brand journalism is not for wussies – and at we know this full well. In 2013 we launched our own content marketing experiment, called TheKnow -- a soup-to-nuts digital lifestyle enterprise designed to answer the questions people didn’t know they had through entertaining and compelling content. We determined our point of view and brand vision, hired an editorial director, tapped a slew of professional contributors, and developed a robust, multi-layered editorial calendar, marketing and social media strategy. In short: we didn’t mess around.
One year later we can share with you everything we learned, such as:

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  1. What is realistic to accomplish with a strategy like this – and what, frankly, isn’t (and how to get executive buy-in either way)?
  2. Where should you take short cuts, and where is it best to invest?
  3. How do you avoid falling into bad BuzzFeed habits (no cat memes!)?
  4. What are the biggest trade-offs you’ll make?
  5. What are tactics and strategies to avoid at all costs?



Heather Sundell, Creative and Editorial Director, Dotted Line Communications

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