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Why Are Foundations So Behind Nonprofits In Social

Nonprofit marketing, development, and technology managers who work at Foundations are wanting to know how social affects everything from the grant process to the way their foundation distributes money.
Welcome to the new normal for foundations: soft global economics and increased needs. Demand has never outpaced supply on such a scale in the nonprofit community.
So where do you begin?
Join us for a panel conversation with leading foundation social media folks and nonprofit leaders who will share technical details on building social channels, engaging folks and reaping the rewards. Hear case examples of how to find innovative ideas, develop them, and maximize the value of every employee … before it is too late!


  1. Why are foundations (with bigger budgets) unable to capitalize on the social media trends of today?
  2. Why is social media a game changer in the way foundations recruit grantees?
  3. In the world of Kickstarter and Indie-a-Go-Go do we even need the foundation model anymore?
  4. How are foundations trying to catch up to nonprofits in the engagement arm's race?
  5. Foundations are traditionally seen as the bastion of wealthy folks looking to leverage tax breaks, how do younger people fit into this world?



David Neff, Author, The Future of Nonprofits

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