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Alt distribution: let's build a network in 60 min

So you made your film. You did your festival run. Now what?

If you’re like the vast majority of independent filmmakers, you’re faced with the choice of taking a bad distribution deal or launching into the dread world of self-distribution.

But wait! There’s something better! Tugg, Gathr, OpenIndie, and SimpleMachine have crowdsourced distribution.

Sure, it’s a lonely road, but...

Hey! Let’s have a really cool meet-up where indie filmmakers from all over the place share local info and resources about indie distribution. Let’s build relationships where if you invite all your friends to my screening in your hometown, and I’ll do the same when your film comes to me.

Participants will be invited to keep relationships from the meetup going by joining a new Facebook group for indie distribution. There, filmmakers can share resources, promote their films, and find couches to surf.

Indie film is imploding? Let’s implode it -- and replace it something better.


  1. What are participant filmmakers' experiences with indie distribution? Who has used Tugg, Gathr, OpenIndie, or SimpleMachine to schedule screenings in cities away from home? What are the pitfalls to avoid? How did you get audience to your screenings?
  2. Meetup participants will be given tags on which they will write their home city. Guess what -- you're now the expert on your home town. Ask each other questions: What’s the coolest screening venue in Peoria, Illinois? Where is the best place to hand out postcards in Portland, Oregon? How about Portland, Maine? Know any bands in Brooklyn to headline a screening? (oh, wait - everyone knows a band in Brooklyn -- how about in Birmingham, Alabama?)
  3. Is taking your film "on tour" even the best way to approach indie distribution? What else is out there? What are participants' experiences with video-on-demand, or burning lots of DVDs in their garage?
  4. What are some ways that indie distribution can be a better, more fair, community-driven business model for independent film? How can filmmakers help each other to promote and build audience for interesting, truly independent films?
  5. What are the most interesting venues filmmakers have shown their films in? Art cinema houses are awesome, but how about universities, barns, churches, community centers? What is the most promising venue for an alternative screening in your home town? How can you help fellow filmmakers screen their films there?



Don Downie, Director / Producer, Small Media Extra Large

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