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Enraged and Eager: The Moment of Inspiration

Did you know that 98% of SMS messages sent are opened compared to 12% of emails? Even more impressive is 83% of them are opened within 3 minutes compared to 16% of Facebook news feed stories, 29% of Tweets. Why not capture your audience's enthusiasm in the instant your film inspires, moves and motivates? Mobile campaigns for films and mobile messaging in end credits are increasingly popular tools for this reason.
The challenge is how do you get the most out of engaging your audience in theaters and how do you sustain that engagement over time? By using case studies from The Cove, A Place at the Table, Waiting for Superman and Inequality for All, we will share learnings from the best mobile campaigns, mistakes we wont make again and the newest tools and tricks from the award winning mobile marketing firm so that the passion you create for your audience extends a lifetime.

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  1. How do you know if your film is right for a mobile campaign?
  2. How often should I communicate with my subscribers?
  3. How do I know my mobile campaign is being impactfull?
  4. What are the five most important standards of messaging?
  5. How does mobile interact with social media?



Kurt Sudyka, Client Services Manager, Waterfall Mobile

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