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Taking the Collaborative Economy to Space

Jeremiah Owyang has shown that the future of business lies in the Collaborative Economy, “an economic model of shared ownership and access between people, startups and corporations all working together.” There’s been a long debate of building collaborative public and private partnerships to improve global relations and create a new global economy, but many argue that we’re constrained by our current constructs. But what if society moves in a different direction – more specifically, upward, to space? As the idea of colonizing space becomes closer to reality, is it safe to say the space economy can be the first true realization of the collaborative economy? What would this look like? Our panelists will discuss the strengths and opportunities for the traditional and space economies today and envision what the new space economy will look like, within the construct of the collaborative economy.

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  1. Can the space economy can be the first true realization of the collaborative economy?
  2. If so, what does this look like?
  3. What are the strengths of the traditional space economy?
  4. What are the opportunities from the traditional space economy that can be capitalized?
  5. What does the new space economy look like and what does it meant to those of us on earth?



Heather Gordon, Managing Associate, Finn Partners

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