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Stacking the Odds for Lasting Growth

The term “growth hacker” has skyrocketed in popularity since Sean Ellis coined the term just over two years ago. Simply Hired now has more than 1,000 job listings for growth hackers. But in the race for growth, many startups have lost focus on creating lasting value. This inauthentic growth creates artificial value that quickly collapses.
In this talk, Ellis discusses the need to create authentic growth that delivers value for the business and the user. By getting the must have product experience into more of the right people’s hands, entrepreneurs can find long-term value with sustainable growth.

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  1. What is the difference between authentic and inauthentic growth?
  2. How can entrepreneurs find growth that scales while staying true to their product’s core value and promise?
  3. How can entrepreneurs identify their must-have experience and leverage it for sustainable growth?
  4. How can startups find early traction through creative growth strategies?
  5. How can startups manage the pressure and expectations for growth that drive inauthentic growth thinking?



Morgan Brown, Director of Marketing, Qualaroo

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