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Is it Good, or Good-Washing?

Over recent years there have been a slew of organizations that have come out with “good” agendas, manifestos or found their “good” purpose. And while some have truly embraced their mission and delivered on this through tangible action, others haven’t lived up to their rhetoric. As consumers learn all they ever wanted to know about the impact of their donations, volunteer efforts and cause-related purchases, brands and philanthropic organizations will need to ensure their credentials are up to the scrutiny. Could all this “good” talk could be “good-washing”? In this session, we’ll discuss how we can hold organizations to account and make sure they’re truly delivering on their “good” intentions.

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  1. How prevalent is good-washing?
  2. What role are digital and social platforms playing?
  3. How are companies & organizations responding?
  4. What can we learn from those who are doing good, not just talking about it?
  5. How can you translate good intentions into action?



Hannah Benabdallah, PR Assistant, JWT

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