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The Shareable City: Tech Transforming Urban Life

Modern cities are crowds of strangers. Urban dwellers live isolated from the neighbors surrounding them, making city life less fulfilling and secure. Now, the sharing economy is beginning to turn cities back into villages using the power of social networks. In this session, Founders John Zimmer and Joe Gebbia of Lyft and Airbnb will join Tomio Geron of Forbes to explore how peer-to-peer platforms are making cities safer, more resilient, and more connected.

Questions Answered

  1. What are the social and economic impacts of a shift from consuming traditional services to peer-to-peer sharing?
  2. What are the trust and safety systems needed to make a sharing community successful?
  3. How can sharing platforms help cities respond in serious disasters like Hurricane Sandy?
  4. Can sharing through peer-to-peer platforms make cities more sustainable?
  5. How can sharing platforms overcome regulatory obstacles and the reactions of traditional industries?



Emily Castor Lyft

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