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Shaping The Future of Play is Serious Work

Best known for uncovering the importance of unstructured play, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget once said "play is the answer to how anything new comes about". We know now from decades of research that having the time and space to play with ideas and things is essential to innovation, creativity and discovery. But, as we grow older and our lives become more structured, scheduled and technology filled, what are we doing to nurture one of out greatest natural resources, our playful minds? What are we doing to shape the way our younger generations play to help them innovate, create and discover a better tomorrow?

Come hear what a few leaders, known for playing big, are doing to reshape the impact of play, their visions for the future of play and the challenges they face to make their visions real enough to pay their mortgages.


  1. Is all play the same? If not, why?
  2. How do we help our youngest generation be designers of play and not just passive participants?
  3. What are the constraints of designing profitable, unstructured play?
  4. How can we get more unstructured play in our busy lives?
  5. A wise man once said, "With great power, comes great responsibility." What is our responsibility, if any, as developers and creators, to our youngest generation when it comes to the products we make?



Patricia Chang, Cofounder, Scoot & Doodle

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