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The Future of News Is In Your Pocket

Print is dead. Web is on life support. So what’s next for news when the new home is on mobile? The transition of news and current affairs to mobile will look dramatically different than the move from printing press to web. How will business models change? What goes into developing news for mobile apps vs. mobile web? This panel will discuss some of the thoughts and best practices that went into developing a new home for news on mobile.

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  1. Considering that articles were originally intended for much larger print areas or screens, should news on mobile be treated differently? What impact will the different platforms have on this?
  2. Financial Times recently abandoned their iPad apps in favor of HTML5 and Mobile Web. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of building apps vs. mobile web experiences?
  3. What are some of the business models that news companies will need to employ when considering screen size might not allow for advertisements?
  4. There are so many apps vying for a user’s intention, such as some popular games and maybe social networks. How does news stand out amongst the crowd and grab readers attention?
  5. What impact might wearable computing have on the future of news?



Matt Galligan, CEO & Co-founder, Circa

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