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From Every Screen to No-Screen: Next Gen Responsive

What is the future of responsive web design? With screen sizes and shapes evolving by the month, if not the moment (iPad mini, the 13-inch tablet, Google Glass), designers, developers and marketers need to rethink how they are serving up web content to consumers in order to keep those consumers engaged with brands on every screen – even “screens” that are wearable devices.
This session will tackle the current trend toward responsive web design and challenge assumptions about how to build websites in the multi-screen era, offering a glimpse at the next generation of responsive design that will transform the future of website consumption.


  1. What is next-generation responsive design?
  2. How will new screens impact both how people consume web content and how brands create that content?
  3. Why should you care about the next generation in responsive design thinking?
  4. Should user experiences and content be tailored to the screen type? If so, how is that achieved with responsive design?
  5. What tools can designers and marketers use to create websites that will engage consumers on all screens – even the ones we haven’t yet imagined?



Steffan Berelowitz, CEO/Founder, Bluetrain Mobile

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