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Permission Engines: Facilitating Creativity

How do organizations such as Burning Man, Google, Maker Faire and The Flux Foundation enable people to consistently make such incredible inventions? What can businesses learn from these wildly creative and successful groups? They each prioritize the cultivation of “permission engines,” wherein innovations in art, science and technology flourish without limitation.

When people feel inspired, engaged, and supported, and are given permission to exercise their full creative potential, the opportunities for invention are endless. But how do you foster that kind of freedom in your organization? This diverse panel of thought-leaders will talk about their real-world experience with these models, and share the secrets of not only inspiring the very best creativity in your people, but also keeping them empowered to do even more.


  1. What is a "permission engine"?
  2. What frameworks can businesses use to enable their people to consistently make incredible inventions?
  3. What alternative motivational models drive innovations in technology, art, business, and science?
  4. How do you set up these frameworks in your organization?
  5. What can business learn from such groups as Burning Man, Maker Faire, Google and The Flux Foundation?



Will Chase, Communications, Burning Man

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