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We’re From the Private Sector & We’re Here to Help

The private sector and educators agree on the power of broadband and digital content to transform learning, and corporate America has successfully partnered with school systems nationwide on efforts to provide all schools reliable, affordable broadband and digital content.

This panel, moderated by Zachary Leverenz, CEO of Connect2Compete, a non-profit dedicated to connecting every American to the Internet, engages:

David Cohen, Executive V.P. of Comcast, the nation's largest video and highspeed internet provider;
Bill Goodwyn, President and CEO of Discovery Education, the nation’s leading provider of digital content to schools; and
Gregory Firn, Dep. Supt. of Grand Prairie ISD, visionary school administrator.

In a dialogue on innovative ways the private sector is partnering with school districts to provide the connectivity, content and services that create the learning environments supporting student college, career and citizenship readiness.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Why are learning environments powered by broadband delivered digital content critical to today’s students, educators, and private sector stakeholders?
  2. How is the private sector supporting the digital transition?
  3. What are the innovative solutions, services, and strategies that are on the horizon driving and accelerating the digital transition?



Heidi May, Publicist, Discovery Education

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