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Unity Insider: A Demo Artist’s Bag o’ Tricks

This two and a half hour long workshop will take game developers on an in-depth, insider tour of specific Unity features and capabilities. Using real-world Unity examples, we will delve into specific shortcuts and honed “tips and tricks” that can not only take your Unity games to the next level, but also shorten your development cycle. Attendees will walk away with new insights to start implementing right away as a “power user,” including light probes, occlusion culling, setting up animations, texture tips, material set-up and manipulation, and much more.

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  1. How can I see my animations in Unity?
  2. What are some great features that are often overlooked in Unity?
  3. How can I do some work up front to shorten overall development time on my Unity project?
  4. How can I use light probes and how do I work with occlusion culling in Unity?
  5. What are some great tips for authoring and importing textures in to Unity? How can I use the asset store to speed up prototyping?



Tiffany Sumner, PR Manager, Unity Technologies

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