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Unity for All: Intro to Unity 4

This four hour long workshop will take an in-depth look for new Unity developers and those interested in the platform to hit the ground running with Unity 4 game development. Attendees will walk away with the opportunity to begin creating multi-platform games and the real-world skills to get it done.

We will cover the new capabilities now available, including:
Mecanim: Groundbreaking character animation technology and how to bring characters to life in a few mouse clicks with incredibly fluid and natural motion; Visual Fidelity and AAA Rendering; Linux Publishing; Optimization Tips and Tricks

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. What is and who is Unity?
  2. How do I get started with Unity and the real-world skills to start developing now?
  3. How does Unity 4 help game developers?
  4. How do you create multi-platform games?
  5. How do I optimize games?



Tiffany Sumner, PR Manager, Unity

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