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Cross-Pollination—The Best Ideas are Still to Come

How many times have you sat in front of your computer, knowing you should be whipping up a beautiful design, stunning new interaction, your best idea yet—but drawn a blank? How often do you find yourself combing the same 3 websites for inspiration or relying on past projects as building blocks for new ones rather than truly innovating? We know all the good ideas aren't gone, but how do we innovate when our creative reserves—and usual tools for refueling them—run dry? The answer lies far from your computer, the folder of inspiration tucked inside your desk, or even your colleagues. The answer lies in cross-pollination, or the notion of combining 2 radically different disciplines, people, ideas, or places to form something that is truly original. During this session, I will present case studies demonstrating successes born from cross-pollination, open minds to its vast possibilities, and provide the tools and resources necessary for attendees to make this method of discovery their own.

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  1. Where have all the good ideas gone and how do I find my next great one?
  2. How do I make something no one has ever made before?
  3. I’m bored with my field—how can I get excited again without starting over doing something new?
  4. What is cross-pollination in design?
  5. How can I successfully use cross-pollination as a tool to become a better designer/developer/creator/innovator/entrepreneur and move ahead in my field?



Rachel Silverberg, Senior Visual Designer, Elefint Designs

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