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IDEAology: Upgrade Your Company’s Creativity

For many years academics have looked to the creative processes of advertising agencies to determine how creativity can be broken into systematic techniques, which can then be applied by both businesses and individuals to create breakthrough ideas. New research reveals that more than a defined process, a creative ideology can unify an organization, amplify the quality of work, and lead to greater thinking from all talent. Based on the upcoming book, Breakthrough Thinking! A Guide to Creative Thinking, Idea Generation, and Opportunity Discovery, by Professor Thomas Vogel we will share insights from leading thinkers in the advertising industry, demonstrate how creative ideology is expressed in the agency world and how it can inspire you to create your own “IDEAology” to guide and motivate your own organization and team.

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  1. What is the academic framework for identifying creativity?
  2. What is a creative philosophy, or ideology, and what are examples of how it is expressed or communicated within an agency’s culture?
  3. How does a creative ideology work differently within an organization than a creative process? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks?
  4. How can creative ideology be leveraged for organizations outside of the agency world?
  5. What are the best practices for identifying and creating a creative “ideaology” for an organization or individual?



Brenna McCormick, Director of Client Strategy, mediaman LLC

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