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Time to Flip Out: Get Crazy about Flipped Learning

Have you heard? Flipped learning is turning learning on its head and transforming the world of education. In flipped environments, students engage with video-based learning material on a particular topic prior to classroom sessions. As an early adopter, Denton Independent School District has already experienced the benefits of this powerful pedagogical approach within their sprawling urban and rural school district serving 28,000 students. Barry Fox, Denton’s Director of Instructional Technology will share unique insights about how flipped learning allows his teachers to better instruct, increase their interaction time with students, and empower students to excel at all learning levels. Dr. Lance Ford will lead the discussion, drawing on his expertise as both an educator and education technology advocate to take us on a deep dive into the future of this learning system.

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Learning Objectives

  1. 1) What is the major pedagogical transformation currently taking place in education? The audience will understand how flipped learning is an effective, pervasive, and easy-to-use technology implementation that helps to improve the learning system. The audience will leave with the question to bring back to their own schools: Is flipped learning the new model for education in the future?
  2. 2) What are the three initial steps I need to take to evaluate and launch flipped learning in my system? The most important step is to identify the ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders you need to recruit to evangelize it. We will also discuss budget, testing resources, and best practices based on Denton ISD’s experiences. Finally, the conversation will address return on investment opportunities.
  3. 3) How do we make teachers and students comfortable with video-based learning methodologies? Video is a medium that can take some getting used to. We will discuss tips for helping users become comfortable with video to extend learning beyond the classroom. We will explore this subject from both a human and technology angle: including looking good in front of the camera as well as securing access to content.



Emily May, Senior Account Executive, Text100

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