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Marketing’s Big Data Dissonance

Marketers know they need big data, but like the velvet rope blocking entrance to a SXSW music event, the perceived barrier is hard to overcome. The problem for the modern marketer: cutting through the noise of all of this data and zeroing in on insights that can help them better reach consumers. Big Data grows every day and marketers are faced with an additional challenge: keeping up with the speed in which new consumer data is created.

The good news for marketers is that there’s no shortage of places to get information about consumers--point of sale systems to mobile check-ins to even consumer conversations across the social web. Together, all of these actions add up to an incredible mass of information known as Big Data for marketers.

In this session, Networked Insights will be joined by Gnip and to discuss the tools and techniques that marketers need in order to turn the mass of Big Data into actionable and understandable insights.

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  1. How can Big Data be used by brands to improve marketing tactics such as audience targeting, messaging development, and spokesperson selection?
  2. What barriers do brands face with infusing Big Data into their marketing processes?
  3. How can brands and marketers overcome the complexities of Big Data?
  4. How can Big Data be leveraged to enable real-time marketing for brands?
  5. How can Big Data help brands adjust campaigns on-the-fly to stay in-sync with rapidly evolving consumers?



Dave Struzzi, PR Manager, Networked Insights

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