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Social Innovation and Emergency Management

Emergencies happen; good ideas do, too. So, how to leverage those good ideas to help recover from emergencies? That is what this meet-up is about. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management wants to forum with those who are passionate about social innovation, have technological-know how, and want to help during emergencies.

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  1. How can socially innovative technology transform the way communities recover from emergencies or disasters?
  2. How can socially innovative technologists and emergency managers join forces to help people recover from emergencies or disasters?
  3. How do we better educate each other about our relative disciplines? [This is what we do and why; this is what you do and why]
  4. How can emergency managers better educate themselves on what emergent socially innovative technologies are out there?
  5. What can be done to enhance collaboration and prevent unhealthy redundancies when developing tools that allow emergency managers to engage with the public during emergencies or disasters?



Doris Padilla, Community Liaison, San Francisco Department of Emergency Managamennt

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