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Wearables: The New Marketers' Challenge

In 2007 the iPhone mapped the frontier for smart devices; since then we’ve seen extraordinary devices pushing limits on how we interact with technology. From the release of tablets to smart cameras and more, the world has quickly adopted these advances. The release of Google Glass brings the next smart revolution: wearable devices. Wearable tech is a $3-$5 bil market, but in the next 2 years it may reach $30-$50 bil. All the leading players are racing to the finish line, but will wearables live up to expectations? In 2011 30 mil devices were sold in the US, up 37% from 2011, and sales are expected to reach 160 mil a year by 2017. With this new audience, comes opportunities for marketers to engage and reach connected consumers. The question is, how will they be able to scale and what tactics should they keep in mind to make sure the experience is personal, nonintrusive and locally relevant? Join us as we debate how wearables will change lives or if this fad will quickly fade.

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  1. What audiences will buy wearable devices? Will they appeal to the mass of consumers or only to a niche audience?
  2. How will wearables enhance the lives of consumers?
  3. Will Google Glass replace the iPhone?
  4. How will brands engage with consumers on these devices when traditional advertising is not an option?
  5. How will these devices be incorporated into a larger mobile marketing strategy?



Barbara Sterling, Marketing Manager, Velti

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