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Yes, and . . . a Human-Centered Design Workshop

What if we could turn a SXSW session into an immersive experience teaching human-centered design by tackling a substantive social challenge in Austin along the way? We are proposing a session co-facilitated by human-centered designers from the Stanford and that starts with a four hour long workshop, transforms into a 4-day design challenge, and concludes with a final presentation to a large general audience on a grand stage.
Last year, the facilitated a workshop that was enormously popular, was doubled in size and still filled up immediately. This year, we'll build on that by starting with a 4-hour workshop where attendees learn the basics of the HCD process. At the end of this workshop, attendees will divide into teams and be given a design challenge. They will spend the next several days conducting design research, synthesizing their learnings, and rapidly prototyping, all while interacting with large numbers of fellow SXSW attendees and the broader Austin community.


  1. What is human-centered design?
  2. How can I use the power of human-centered design to tackle important social sector challenges?
  3. How might I ensure that the solutions I'm designing are rooted in the actual needs and desires of my users?
  4. How might I quickly build prototypes that I can test and then iterate based on user feedback?
  5. How might we prototype a new type of immersive SXSW session?



Sean Hewens, Knowledge Manager + In-House Counsel,

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