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Inspired Design: Meditation and Creativity

Creativity allows us to break through monotony and express the inexpressible. As creators and builders, we push ourselves to the limits in all respects, driving change through our ideas. Carrying this responsibility requires a big vision, lots of energy, and the ability to face uncertainty with courage and equanimity. We all have different ways of clearing our minds - maybe it’s heading to the beach, hiking, cycling - but sadly these activities are too often pushed aside by a lack of time and energy. Even when we do make time, the effects of these activities tend not to last more than a few hours.

Enter meditation. Meditation is not only an amazing tool to re-center and clear the mind, it also rewires the way we operate to keep us in a space of creativity, energy and clarity in the long run. The quality of our work and life is deeply tied to the state of our mind. During this session, we’ll explore the mind’s powerful capabilities and teach practical techniques to help you unplug.


  1. Is meditation for everyone or only for those who can sit still?
  2. What is the purpose of meditation and are the benefits sustainable?
  3. What are some quick techniques I can use to relax if I'm constantly on the go?
  4. Is there a link between my breath, emotions, and the work I create?
  5. What are the effects of meditation on the brain, especially those areas of the brain responsible for creativity and intuition?



Gopika Prabhu, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Elefint Designs

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