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Stories wanted. An explosion of opportunity.

Strange realities: “Content is king”, yet out of 500 channels we may watch five. Box office returns continue to climb, yet “traditional media is struggling.” Each year, the YouTube generation graduates an army of media-savvy artists, but finding quality storytellers amid the quantity is a bigger challenge than ever.

Distribution channels are multiplying. From the explosion of online content, traditional film and the current “golden era” of television, the quality and quantity of content has risen to all-time highs and audiences consume more than ever. Given this proliferation of channels and opportunities, the struggle to connect talent with an audience has never been greater.

So why is it so difficult to match storytellers with opportunity?

Join Aurora Guerrero, Patty West, Monty Miranda, Brian Udovich and moderator Jen Yamato as they discuss the profusion of opportunities available to contemporary filmmakers.


  1. How are filmmakers breaking through the noise?
  2. Where do studios, television companies & distributors find talent?
  3. Do indie film skills translate to commercial success?
  4. What are distributors and clients looking for in new talent?
  5. What is the best way for an artist to repeat his or her success?



Eric Shamlin, GM, TCX

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