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Rapid Thinking: Why Brainstorming Must Die

Are you still brainstorming? STOP! There's a better way. In this two and a half hour long workshop, join brand experience agency, Jack Morton Worldwide, as well as a porn star, psychic and cowboy to learn about a new style of ideation: rapid thinking. It involves a good measure of alone time, rapid iteration sessions and the occasional complete outsider (hence our medley of folks from other industries).
The idea that "Brainstorming Must Die" sounds simple. In fact, there's a substantial body of research showing that group thinking sessions are a complete waste of time. Why do organizations continue to use them? First, there's no known replacement. Second, organizations feels that to be effective, they need to have a lot of subject matter specialists and experts in the room. Finally, brainstorms act as forcing function for focus - and creative people are notoriously bad at focusing. Plus they look productive, which project managers and bosses like.

So let's try something different.

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  1. How can I let go of brainstorming as a crutch?
  2. How can I start getting out of my own head, team, technology or even place of work?
  3. Well, how does "rapid thinking" work?
  4. What do I have to learn about ideation from a porn star, psychic and cowboy?
  5. Can we try an exercise? I'd like to see this "rapid thinking" mumbo jumbo in action.



Cristina Calzadilla, VP, Director of PR, Jack Morton Worldwide

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