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Is Loyalty Dead in a Soul-Starved Industry?

Finding a human connection in the star-maker machinery AND remembering why you got into this business in the first place!
Panelists and audience will engage in a frank conversation on the difficulties of maintaining (a profitable bottom line), an open heart and mind in an industry that, in its rush to compete, frequently forgets the simple decencies of respect, kindness, accountability and loyalty.   
We will explore how we can all have a better experience working together whether it's with a manager or agent, a record label, or while on tour, in the studio, at the venue or even at the merch table.
We will deliver tools to build this intention into a usable method that we can ALL employ in our work and beyond.
The panel will have a manager, an agent and two artists. Please join us for a lively and timely discussion on the art of building a successful career and long-term positive relationships at the same time.

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  1. How do musicians and venue managers/promoters build an authentic and engaging relationship while also doing due diligence in keeping it real from the first email to settlement? How mutual respect + business acumen = success for both parties.
  2. As an agent or manager is there a shelve life of the relationship? When do you know if its time to dissolve the relationship and how to exit gracefully so both parties feel respected for the work that was done? Do I stay or do I go? How do you leave and not burn a bridge or destroy a relationship that was built on trust before they left?
  3. If opportunity comes knocking for a band to leave their current agent/record label/manager, how do you bow out gracefully and move forward with a new team in place? What is karmically the proper way to leave so that both parties feel respected?
  4. Why do we stay and the power of loyalty? What makes certain artists and their teams stay loyal and committed to building a career? Is goal setting and having a strategy that works for each party, the holy grail of sustainability? When benchmarks are hit, what next?
  5. Its easy to be professional when things go right, when things are not perfect how do we define the word professional in the industry and still maintain that coolness or hip factor without being a douche bag? So when shit hits the fan, how do you handle yourself and knowing that karma is a bitch.



Val Denn, owner, Val Denn Agency

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