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Interview with The Goggles: Immersive Storytelling

Award-winning artists and interactive directors, Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons of The Goggles discuss emerging digital, long-form storytelling formats. The Goggles are the creators of the acclaimed interactive documentary, Welcome to Pine Point. With their latest projects, they continue to break new ground by bending linear narratives into layered, immersive, cross-platform experiences. To illustrate the inspiration, process and possibilities for telling stories in new, interesting ways, the conversation will focus on Touch in development with publisher Penguin UK, and Chasing the Sun. Touch explores the death of print and was a selection for the 2013 Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab. Chasing the Sun is an emotional and imaginative transmedia tale about issues facing the Arctic and winner of the 2013 Tribeca Film Institute New Media fund. Swanna MacNair co-founder of the transmedia firm Electric Yarn will lead the conversation and share sneak-peaks of the two projects.

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  1. What does immersive storytelling mean to you? What is technology’s role in telling non-fiction stories like Touch and Chasing the Sun? What are you trying to achieve?
  2. What is your process? What were creative, collborative, technical and artistic challenges and opportunities?
  3. How do the economics of new forms of documentaries work from fund raising to the freemium model?
  4. Assuming the fundamentals of a documentary doesn’t change in terms of wanting to raise awareness of a topic you are passionate about and inspire action. How does the digital format including social sharing aid in driving audience activism. How important is it to the experience of Touch and Chasing the Sun? A happy bi-product or conscience effort?
  5. What is the process for extending the story across multiple platforms including traditional media like print, film. Thoughts on gamification?



Swanna MacNair, co-founder, Electric Yarn

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