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SparkFun Basic Soldering Booth With Simon Says

If you’ve never soldered before, this is the workshop for you! We’ve been teaching soldering a lot over the past few years - the Simon PTH kit is a combination of everything we’ve learned. This workshop teaches through-hole soldering and is recommended for the true beginner or someone who wants to refresh their soldering skills.
This will be a hands-on, eight hour long class where the students learn techniques to help them solder through-hole components. Soldering can be daunting for the first solder joint, then the 2nd solder joint is not so bad, and by the time you’ve assembled the Simon game, you will be quite confident and proficient in basic soldering skills.
Classes take place within the SparkFun booth. We provide all the tools, irons, solder, parts, and seats for 20 to 30 students. You’ll be soldering the Simon PTH Kit.
The kit that will be offered: Simon PTH (

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  1. Soldering seems hard, can I do it?
  2. What is the difference between PTH (plated-through hole) and SMD (surface-mount devices) soldering?
  3. What does a perfect solder joint look like? What techniques can I use to make my solder joints the perfect shape?
  4. What happens if I mess up my solder joint and it touches it's neighbor's solder joint (reworking)? My kit isn't working, can you help me get it right (reworking)?
  5. What are the tools I need to solder at home? What is the best way for me to maintain those tools so they last a long time?



Lara Boudreaux, Project Manager and Event Coordinator for the Marketing Department at SparkFun Electronics , SparkFun Electronics

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