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The Only 5 Reasons To Ever Use Web Animations

You’ve seen them. The blinking, pulsing eyesores. Animations used by developers and designers who think “Because I can” is a good excuse.
It’s not.

On the web, there should be a reason for everything. Every transition, triggered event, and state change needs a purpose.

In this session, we’ll cover the only 5 reasons to ever use web animations:

1. Focus
2. Notify
3. Hint
4. React
5. Orient
(Plus one bonus — but it’s a secret.)

We’ll break down each category, looking at what works and what doesn’t — and why. You’ll see some brilliant uses of UI animation. And some terrible displays of superfluous bouncies.

Then, we’ll dig into some real code and give a live demo of creating some simple, purposeful animations with a little personality.

You’ll leave with a few new tricks up your sleeve and a fresh outlook on animations on the web.


  1. Why should I use web animations?
  2. Why should I NOT use web animations?
  3. What are some good (and bad) examples of animated UI elements?
  4. How can web animations actually enhance user experience?
  5. What tools or resources can I use to create simple, effective animations?



Robby Grant, Director of Digital Development, archer>malmo

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