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Playing in the Biggest Stadium: Juve Goes Social

This is the story of Juventus, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, its players, its millions of fans and the biggest arena in the world: social media. We're going through the last two years and the evolution of Juventus social media landscape, talking about the way supporters from all over the world are sharing emotions and experiences with the team, and how the club is letting them inside the dressing room using social channels as providers of exclusive content. And we're also trying to imagine the future, analyzing new trends and new opportunities.

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  1. How are social media changing the relationship between the team and their supporters?
  2. Players very often use their accounts to stay in touch with their fans. How important is the cooperation with players and their personal channels?
  3. What's the impact of social media on marketing activities and sponsorships? Are they changing the way brands develop sponsorships and gain visibility through sports and athletes?
  4. How social media are changing the way supporters live the matchday? What are the trends we see in second screen activities?
  5. How can we imgine the evolution of social media marketing for football teams in the next 2 years?



Gabriele Cucinella, Managing Partner, We Are Social

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