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Passions and Platforms: Digital Love & Basketball

When choosing the team we pledge our allegiance to, proximity is usually a determining factor. Yet, despite having spent my entire life in Knicks land and living within a stone’s throw of Barclays, three years ago I began my steamy love affair with the Oklahoma City Thunder. And oh, how distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Similar to people that convert to a different religion later in life, I represent the Thunder with the fervor and passion that places me firmly in the “Super Fan” range. Interacting and engaging digitally with team related content led me to seed, cultivate, and grow my passion for the team via various media platforms. No matter the cost, I am an advocate for my team. The term that can be used to describe this behavior is called “Convergence.”

Join me on my journey through fandom from simply consumer to Thunder brand evangelist, and transform your own customers to go the distance for your brand.


  1. What are the stages of "Convergence" that grow a consumer's passion for the brand?
  2. How does "Convergence" spark the need for consumers to become independent creators for the brand?
  3. What things can brands do to keep the hunger and passion for their brands alive within fan groups?
  4. How does "Convergence" grow digital families and relationships between people who may never meet in person?
  5. How does a fan group's need to grow their collective intelligence, indirectly grow the brand they are passionate for?



Tricia Andrew, Media Technology Specialist, Razorfish

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