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Private Tech for Public Good

It is fairly obvious by now that technology advances have changed the world. But occasionally, it comes into question whether that change has been for good or bad. Often, the innovation coming out of Silicon Valley has been about creating a consumer good rather than a public good. This panel will discuss what is needed from the technology community in order to improve democracy and really make the world a better place. It will look at examples of new companies and technology working toward creating public goods, not just private technology.

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  1. What innovations are most needed in U.S. society to improve American civic life?
  2. Are investors in Silicon Valley too focused on consumer driven innovation?
  3. How will Silicon Valley continue to move their agenda ahead in Washington, DC?
  4. How can the innovations of the tech industry contribute to the public good?
  5. Now that technology has effectively changed the world, how will it continue to do so? What are the innovations in store for the future?



Ben Coffey Clark, Partner, Bully Pulpit Interactive

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