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Why the Star Trek Computer is Not That Far Off

We are surrounded by powerful mobile computing devices that are Internet connected and aware of where and who we are, what we’re interested in, and in some cases what we’re saying and doing. So why on earth are we constantly searching for information on our phones?

In this session meet three companies that are actively working on new technology that will finally put an end to our searching. Known as anticipatory/contextual computing, these technologies pay attention to locations and actions, and proactively surface useful and relevant information just when we need it. It sounds like Star Trek but it’s surprisingly not too far off in a world of Google Glasses, smart TVs and smartphones.

Technologist and author Robert Scoble, who has a new book coming out on this very topic will interview execs from Expect Labs, Grokr and Google Now on what is driving this trend, different approaches to creating these solutions, and what we can expect in the next 5-10 years.

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  1. Technology like this a huge invasion of privacy and also somewhat creepy so how will you convince consumers to accept it?
  2. Can you provide examples for how and where this technology might be used?
  3. Who are the major payers that are interested in developing or integrating these technologies and into products?
  4. What are some enterprise use cases for this technology?
  5. Does this trend apply to wearable computers like Google Glasses?



Jeff Koo, Director, Sparkpr

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