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Level Up Your Online Fundraising

Is your nonprofit’s website driving away donors? Are you trying to figure out how to translate engaging supporters on social media like Twitter and Facebook into donations? A recent Nielsen Usability study of nonprofit websites reported that almost half of nonprofit websites actually have elements that drive potential donors away.

Are you tired of reading benchmark studies and want actionable tactics you can implement now? In this session, Aaron Long – VP of Client Services at Schipul The Web Marketing Company – will explain the psychology of what people are looking for online and what compels them to take action and donate on your website. Aaron will share best practices and lots of real examples from his work with nonprofits successfully using the psychology of web marketing in combination with their social media, e-newsletters, and offline efforts to drive donations. You’ll walk away with practical tips you can start implementing right away to improve your online fundraising!

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  1. What motivates visitors to donate online?
  2. How can you use specific components of your website (like calls to action, design, content, photos and videos, etc.) to tap directly into those motivations?
  3. What common online fundraising traps do nonprofit websites fall into?
  4. What elements on my website are chasing away donors and how can I fix those issues?
  5. Where is the best place to put my limited resources to make the biggest difference in my online fundraising?



Caitlin Kaluza, Marketing Manager, Schipul

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