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The Cultural Gaps Between Designers & Developers

Building the web requires the collaboration of people with extremely diverse skills and personality types. Designers play in the world of Adobe Creative Suite, see the world in shapes, hues, contrasts and textures, gravitate towards subjective interpretation, and privilege emotive discourse. Developers live in blinking terminal windows, see the world as categories and relationships, are drawn towards rational/objective interpretation and speak in binary/conditional terms. Getting these disparate groups to work collaboratively can often make the difference between a good website and a great one, yet doing so is often a challenge. We’ll explore to what extent these stereotypes are true, identify the points of contention, highlight the points of similarity, and end with a model for how we can use the passion that underlies designers, developers, and everyone in between, to energize your teams and projects.


  1. What differences exist in the way that designers and developers approach problems?
  2. What common ground can we find to fuel collaboration?
  3. When is either party more likely to be right?
  4. Does the designer/developer stereotype hold true?
  5. Who are the bridge-builders and outliers?



Scott Lenger, Front-End Engineer, Beaconfire

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