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The Digital Recession

I would like to speak about the future of video and how filmmakers can create a viable financial future in an endlessly inflating market. Our short animation won the jury award in 2012, it was seen by over one million people, our film "euphonia" screened at South By Southwest in 2013, and yet we have made less than 200 dollars for our work. I would like to talk about our experience in the economics of art and how filmmakers can stay afloat when 24 hours of footage is uploaded to youtube every minute, when the proliferation of the digital camera can only further devalue video as a whole, and how Moore's Law can inform us about our future. I would like to speak about the benefits of reaching out to companies on our own for financing, and how turning your fans into your financiers can pull filmmakers out of debt.

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  1. How do you compete with the endless supply of video?
  2. How do you actually finance your work?
  3. Should colleges still put students into debt teaching things that you can learn on YouTube for free?
  4. How do we reach a critical mass of followers while maintaining our artistic integrity?
  5. How can we beat the system?



Jim Cummings, Producer, Ornana

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